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Skintastic is committed to helping you love the skin you’re in, regardless of your age.

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look how you feel.

Looking to take a few years off, or maybe just get your skin to looking the best it ever has? Skintastic’s wide assortment of facial treatment has something for you. Browse our services to find out more.

Facial Rejuvenation

bathe in the fountain of youth.

Unwanted marks and blemishes? We have the right treatments for you; browse our wide selection of rejuvenation services and find something that targets your trouble areas.




wear that bikini with confidence.

Utilize our wide range of equipment to let us target troublesome areas on your body. Unwanted fat, marks and wrinkles are all treatable with our services. Browse our expansive list and find the treatment that suits you most.


Take a load off with Skintastic.

Skintastic offers a rotating feature of monthly facials to fit the season. Unwind with a relaxing massage, or a painless and rejuvenating facial. Browse our assortment of treatments designed to make you melt (and possibly snore) on our tables.




Yes, we lift.

Skintastic firmly believes in the idea that there is no “one-size-fits-all” treatment for our clients. Each and every individual that steps through our doors is a new opportunity that needs ample consideration; which is why we carry a wide assortment of inject-able treatments to offer the best possible outcome to each client.

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