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August Facials of the Month

August Facial of the Month... ⭐️

We decided since we were totally booked and had to start a waiting list with our July Facial of the Month that we would offer it again to hopefully be able to accommodate everyone this time! So here it is again...

Want smooth radiant and nourished skin? Then this spectacular facial is for you! First it includes microdermabrasion, which mechanically exfoliates away the outer most superficial layer of your skin leaving it soft and bright! Next your skin will enjoy our ever so popular oxygen treatment. A serum with nutrients and hydrating factors is infused into your skin! We finish up with our regenerative LED mask and our signature hand treatment which includes an all natural almond scrub, almond oil and warm paraffin! Your skin will look and feel fantastic! Normally $150 but ONLY $65 this month! 

We love offering you exceptional treatments at affordable prices! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE! 352 610 9900
Please book with our medical aesthetician! August Flower is the Gladiolus!