PRF under-eye treatment

experience the cutting edge at skintastic

Price: $550 ($375 month of April only!)

One of our original patients from back in 2011 when we first opened agreed to let us video her treatment! (Thank you) Here’s what is going on: We drew her blood. Spun it down in a special centrifuge and then injected the healing PRF serum into the delicate area underneath her eyes using a cannula! PRF, platelet rich fibrin, is 100% natural and will never leave you looking “done”! It contains platelets, fibrin, white blood cells, stem cells and growth factors! It works to correct the crepey skin, dark circles and hollowness that comes with age! This is a very advanced treatment, perfect for our Jessica, ARNP... the queen of CANNULAS! A CANNULA is a blunt tip flexible tube that makes this treatment precise, bruise free, painless and most importantly safe! 

Ahhhhh the delicate area underneath your eyes....

As we age, dark circles, crepey skin and fine lines can set in! But at Skintastic Med Spa we have your solution. We are treating this area with PRF, platelet rich fibrin! This serum is 100% natural and collected from your own blood! It is then injected underneath your eyes with a micro cannula making it very precise! What is a micro cannula? It is a small tube with a blunt tip. It is preferred over a sharp needle for many reasons, safety being one of them. The brilliant thing about PRF is that it will actually improve the QUALITY of the skin and there is no risk of puffiness or an unnatural look that can happen when dermal fillers are used! Bringing you advanced injections! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE! Fix that under eye area in 2018!



PRF with Microneedling


Mixed with dermal fillers and injected directly!

Price: Varies with procedure (contact for more information!)


what is prf?

PRF stands for Platelet Rich Fibrin; a growth factor that exists within the human body. Skintastic utilizes PRF in treatments for a variety of beneficial results.

what are those results?

The PRF treatment includes microneedling, which by itself induces collagen growth. The inclusion of PRF allows the body to produce extra collagen, new cells and elastin fibers; which in English promotes skin hydration, tone, as well improvements to skin texture. The treatment is beneficial for combating fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, pore size and surgical scars. 

Our microneedling treatment creates microscopic channels in the skin. During this procedure, we apply PRF, platelet rich fibrin, so that when the body heals itself from this controlled “injury” it has the perfect serum to regenerate the skin cells! The outcome is more youthful and new skin! It actually changes the quality of the tissue of your skin! Impressive!

We are using your body to heal itself and it’s 100% natural!

where can I learn more about the treatment?

To learn more about the PRF and Microneedling treatment, we recommend you read both brochures provided here. In addition, Janie has provided excellent information regarding the procedure right on our Facebook page! Video and information below!




e-Matrix Sublative Skin Rejuvenation

Face $500.00
Face & Chest $900.00

An innovative Syneron skin care device, the eMatrix™ system takes a non-invasive, non-laser approach to treating facial wrinkles, acne scars, uneven skin tone, and skin laxity for a wide variety of patients.

The eMatrix system uses Sublative Rejuvenation™ technology, which is considered much safer and gentler than traditional fractional laser skin treatments. The eMatrix system delivers sublative rejuvenation with fractionated bipolar RF energy, harmlessly penetrating surface skin to correct existing imperfections in the deeper, dermis skin layer.

Since the eMatrix system doesn’t utilize strong lasers and is completely non-invasive, patients of various skin tones and skin sensitivities can be successfully treated.

What skin conditions will eMatrix treat?

  • Acne scarring
  • Collagen stimulation/rejuvenation
  • Wrinkles
  • Enlarged pores
  • Scars
  • Textural irregularities
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Skin rejuvenation in darker skinned individuals

What are the benefits of treatment with eMatrix?
The eMatrix is an exciting new device because it has minimal social downtime, affords a deep dermal impact with noticeable skin enhancement, and is safe and effective for all skin types. The treatments are very quick (typically 10-15 minutes) and have little to no discomfort. The average number of treatments performed per patient with this device is 1-5 (depending upon the condition being treated and the pre-treatment condition of the skin). Since eMatrix mainly corrects cosmetic skin issues, eMatrix treatments typically aren’t covered by insurance.

Reveal Camera Technology consultation

Price: Complimentary

Watch Our REVEAL professional camera 🎥...

This patient came in because she was concerned about the discoloration on her skin. After a consultation, we then took pictures with our professional camera system! We looked deeply at the brown and red discoloration! She was able to see the true health of her skin, like never before! We then treated her skin with the most accurate and precise laser on the market. With healing serums and sunscreen on... she’s ready to go! She will come back in 4 weeks and we will take her pictures again and compare the images side by side! Our consultations and Reveal images are always FREE! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE!

(352) 610 9900

Call today to schedule your Reveal session!

Dot Fractional CO2 Laser

Price: $1,600

When you are serious about skin rejuvenation, DOT therapy is the answer. You get the combined effects of laser resurfacing as well as collagen stimulation and skin tightening. The results we have seen with DOT therapy over the years are astounding. DOT therapy is the gold standard for fractional laser resurfacing.


Basically, we use a laser to make millions of tiny perforations (hence the ‘DOT’) in your skin. We do this for two reasons. The upper layer of your skin, the epidermis is where we see most of the visible signs of sun damage and aging. About 3-4 days after the procedure, you will begin to peel this layer of skin. This means most of the fine lines, pigment and rough texture will be removed. You will be left with fresh new skin that will be pink for a week then will resolve. This alone will take years off your appearance!

The second, even more exciting effect of the DOT therapy is yet to come! Those Dots we make deliver heat deep down into the lower layer of your skin, the dermis. It is here that your skin cells manufacture collagen, the building block of your skin. As we age, mostly due to sun damage, we stop making collagen and even begin to break it down. This is why our skin begin to wrinkle and sag. The heat we deliver into the dermis causes some of the collagen bundles in the dermis to straighten and causes an immediate tightening effect. Furthermore, the heat stimulates the skin cells to make new collagen! This effect starts at about 3-4 weeks after the procedure and will go on for months. The collagen stimulation will actually turn back your clock and produce gradual skin tightening.


The old gold standard for laser resurfacing was the CO2 laser. This laser wiped the entire upper layer of skin from your face. It gave great results but you had to heal from what was an open wound. It had weeks of difficult downtime and was prone to infection and scarring. This is all changed with the introduction of fractional lasers. These lasers broke their beams up into small patterns or dots instead of total removal of skin. The result is that there is normal, untreated skin left between theses treatment zones. The advantages of this is are revolutionary. Since we are not removing all your skin, just perforating it, the old skin acts a natural band-aid. It peels off in 3-4 days when your new skin is ready and protects you from infection and scarring. We can still deliver the same amount of heat to the deeper layers for skin tightening but we lessen downtime, speed healing and decrease side effects!


You will arrive 1 hour prior to the treatment for application of topical anesthesia. Most patients tolerate the procedure well and report feeling some heat. Remember, we are trying to undo decades of sun damage with one procedure, so there may be mild-moderate discomfort. After the treatment, your skin will be cooled off and an ointment applied. We will send you home with all the skin care products you need as well as instructions. You may also be placed on an oral steroid to reduce inflammation and an anti-viral medicine to prevent cold sores. You should anticipate a week of downtime. During this time you will be peeling, red and swollen. We will follow-up with you by phone the next day and in office in 2 weeks.

Forever Clear Acne Treatment

Price: $125.00

Sciton BBL Acne Treatment $125 Packages with discounts are available! Just ask us about it.

Sciton’s BBL is an FDA approved acne treatment that can control active acne. The specific 420 Blue wavelengths of the BBL light attack the bacteria that cause acne, both on the surface of the skin and in the sebaceous glands where acne starts.

To achieve optimal results with the BBL™ Laser Acne Treatment, a series of 8 weekly treatments is suggested. You will likely need a touch-up treatment every month to every 6 months, depending on your acne type and severity.

This therapy clears up acne without harsh chemicals or antibiotics.

During your treatment we apply a thin layer of gel to your skin, followed by the BBL™ Laser Acne Treatment. Most clients have minimal discomfort and treatment sessions last about 20 minutes. After your treatment is completed, makeup can be applied immediately if you choose to do so.