Meet Jessica Hage, PA

We are an adventurous and talented group of ladies...

MEET our Jessica Hage, PA!!! 💖


When we talk or think about Jessica, we know it is all about SKIN SKIN SKIN!!! With her strong training and many years of full time work in dermatology, she is the mastermind and brains behind our laser treatments, acne treatments and the treatment of skin irregularities! She’s brilliant at injecting and treating keloid scars, prescribing topical or oral medications for our acne patients AND she does full body skin checks! She removes benign skin lesions like skin tags, keratosis or sebaceous hyperplasia (over active oil glands)! We’ve actually had patients cry tears of joy after having pesky and unwanted “spots” removed off their faces! Considering all the advanced procedures she does, it makes her Botox and dermal filler injections EASY! She’s been at Skintastic almost 2 years now and we feel lucky to have her! She is always busy, out and about with her family! She’s a tiny little lady with a huge heart!

Meet Jessica, ARNP

We are a talented group of ladies....




Jessica joined Skintastic back in September and our patients absolutely love her! She came to us from a big Med Spa in Tampa, looking for a more intimate practice! She is trained and certified with The Nova Thread Lift Procedure, EVERY dermal filler on the market, including Sculptra- the semipermanent filler AND we call her the “Queen of Cannulas”!!! A cannula is a blunt tip tube used with advanced injections under the eye, in the lips and to increase safety and precision! She approaches facial injections with a creative and artist touch! If she isn’t working her magic in Skintastic, then you’ll find her spending time with her family or up in the air with her silks practicing aerial yoga! Come in today for your free consultation and find out what she recommends for YOU! She is truly the perfect BALANCE of technique meets artist, making her one of the BEST injectors around! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE! 352 610 9900

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