Watch this! It's funny!

When your 21 year old son comes home for the holidays with his 2 year old Pit Bull... Your beautiful Christmas tree ornaments become victims!

This is the SnapChat I sent my family and friends this morning. I decided to share it on Skintastic’s Facebook page because there’s a great message to it after all!

Life isn’t perfect! My “perfect” Christmas Tree... with my “perfect” Christmas Angel is no longer “perfect” at all. But, it’s those imperfections that make life REAL!

It’s hard sometimes admittedly but I really do try to embrace and accept the imperfections that make my life unique and special! Bella is one of my all time favorite dogs; she’s an absolute doll.

Life is GOOD! 😍 ***Be sure to turn your volume up. Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust is so fitting! And I love that Bella herself is right there beside me as well as my two tiny morkies!

Still looking for the perfect gift? Look no further!

Still looking for that perfect GIFT...

Well then we’ve got you covered! We are less than one week away from Christmas! Come in and prepay for ANY two syringes of Dermal Filler from the Restylane Collection and receive this amazing gift bag for FREE! It includes:

⭐️ A Vera Bradley Quilted Make-Up Bag
⭐️ A $200 Skintastic Gift Certificate
⭐️ An Adorable Fashion Pen with Crystal
⭐️ A full size Dermal Repair Night Cream
⭐️ A full size Illumine Eye Cream
⭐️ A Beautiful Nail Polish
⭐️ Lindt Chocolate Truffles Of Course

🎉 This bag is valued at $505!
💎 Make someone feel so special and surprise them with this extra sweet gift! And shhhh... you can always treat yourself to one as well!

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The A Team of Electricty...!

💪💪💪 Strong Work by J. McDonald Electric...

When your electrical contractor is at your job site ahead of schedule and CRANKS out an unbelievable amount of outstanding work! He’s got the A Team for sure! Thank you Joe McDonald!

Derrick Rushnell and Executive Construction are on time and under budget! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE! 352 610 9900

What can a Master Cosmetic Injector do for you?

👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Look... This is what a Master Cosmetic Injector can do for YOU!

So excited for this wonderful patient who is a nurse! Jessica did a Nonsurgical Nose Job and Cheek Augmentation with one of her favorite dermal fillers, Restylane Lyft! Our patient wasn’t quite ready to get a rhinoplasty, so she decided instead to try a dermal filler first to straighten the bridge of her nose! 💉👃💯

💉 Treatment: Non Surgical Nose Job
👩🏻‍⚕️ Purpose: To build and contour the nasal bridge
💰 Cost: $650
🔎 Product: Hyaluronic Acid Filler: Restylane Lyft
🕑 Longevity: 6-12 months
🤓 Technique: Mixed- Cannula & Needle
📌 Note: Avoid all blood thinning medications for 2 weeks before injections including: Ibuprofen, Excedrin, Aspirin, Aleve, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, etc.
👌🏼To increase comfort: Topical and local anesthetic used
⚠️ Must be performed by an experienced injector!
⏰ Length of appointment: 20-45 min.
🤫 Recovery: Bruising is possible, plan 2 weeks ahead of any events!

This is #injectorjess! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE! Call today for your FREE consultation with Jessica Manges, ARNP + Master Cosmetic Injector + Galderma National Trainer to find out just how easy and affordable it is to refresh your NATURAL look!


Jessica: Galderma National Trainer!

GUESS WHAT........... 😮

See this lady right here??? She’s been selected and invited to become a GALDERMA NATIONAL TRAINER!

Janie has been singing Jessica’s praises for over a year now! When Jessica joined Skintastic back in September of 2017, she was a very experienced injector! She had extensive knowledge with the use of cannulas (a very advanced technique) and was fully trained with every dermal filler on the market, including Sculptra- the semipermanent filler! Over this past year she has attended elite trainings and has become a Master Cosmetic Injector, fully certified even with PDO Nova Threads! She can inject anything anywhere on the body! Incredible!

Well, Janie is her #1 fan and has been a real catalyst in the growth and pursuit of wanting more for her this past year! So, Janie talked with David and Dan with Galderma about considering her for one of their trainer positions! After lengthy conversations and several “trial” sessions... David and Dan agreed wholeheartedly that she was an amazing injector and would bring so much quality experience to their company! We are all so excited and happy for her! She really deserves this and will be even more amazing (if that’s even possible) at what is truly her passion! 💖

Jessica Manges, ARNP + Master Cosmetic Injector + Now a Galderma National Trainer! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE! Call today for your Free consultation with one of the VERY BEST and ELITE Trainers in this industry! 352 610 9900

⭐️ Note: Here she is concentrating on a Barbed Nova Thread procedure

Derrick Rushnell... Our Handyman!

Meet our Handyman, CFO and BUILDER... Derrick Rushnell

Derrick received his undergraduate degree from FSU in 1986! He then went on to earn his MBA from Pepperdine University out in California in Strategic Planning & Finance! In addition to his MBA, he has extensive coursework in the field of law. He worked in Corporate Finance with First Union National Bank in their Capital Markets and was involved in mergers and acquisitions! Later he acquired a small company and built it up to 110 employees and then sold it. Janie always says there is no one more entrepreneurial than him!

We feel so lucky to have him! He’s always willing to help out with little handyman jobs around Skintastic, he’s totally in charge of managing all of the financial decisions and he is an outstanding builder! Look at the progress he’s accomplished in just a short period of time with our new building!

Your forever Med Spa is coming along nicely! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE!

(352)-610-9900 ☺️

Hallmark Christmas Movie to get you in the Spirit!

a goodwink christmas.jpg

👑HALLMARK CHRISTMAS MOVIE... 7:00 pm Channel 84

It’s that time of year again! Snuggle up on the couch this evening and enjoy “A GODWINK CHRISTMAS” based on one of the books written by Squire Rushnell, Janie’s husband Derrick’s uncle!

It’s also “Giving Tuesday” today! What better way to feel the joy and magic of this holiday season than by giving! Bring in a few non perishable food items for Skintastic’s Food Drive and be automatically entered into our drawing for a FREE Sculptra and Nova Thread Treatment! All items will be donated to our local food bank, People Helping People!

Voted Hernando County’s BEST Med Spa! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE!

(352) 610 9900

Dermal Infusion Facial: HUGE results!

I like the way you think! You’re so SMART... 🤓

So, many of our patients have asked us if our Dermal Infusion Facial is similar to the HydraFacial?!?

Yes, it is! BUT... there are several things that are different that set them apart!

1️⃣ Dermal Infusion is the only device that eliminates time gaps between exfoliation and serum application! This patented 3-in-1 technology infuses skin with serums at the precise moment of exfoliation before the protective process begins, when skin is most penetrable! Skin experiences maximum penetration of active ingredients at optimal skin depths, and enhanced serum absorption and retention receptivity at a deeper level!
2️⃣ There are FIVE different diamond encrusted tips to choose between to ensure the most effective exfoliation!
3️⃣ There are four different Pro-Serums (Ultra Hydrating, Brightening, Vitamin C and Pore Clarifying) to choose between which allows for a custom treatment every time!
4️⃣ This Treatment ALWAYS includes the neck, lips, eyes as well as the full face without any up charges! 50% OFF this month and only $137

If you like the HydraFacial... you’ll ❤️ LOVE ❤️ the Dermal Infusion Facial! We are proud to be the only one in Hernando County to have it! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE!


Here is Haylee, one of our beautiful medical aestheticians, performing our New Dermal Infusion Facial!

Introducing our new Dermal Infusion Facial!

We are excited to announce our new Dermal Infusion Facial...

It Exfoliates, Extracts and Infuses ALL at the same time! 🌟

✅ Exfoliates: Distinctive recessed diamond tip exfoliation removes dry and damaged cells for unparalleled resurfacing and rejuvenation!

✅ Extracts: Closed-looped vacuum pressure removes damaging dirt, debris, and bacteria while deeply cleansing!

✅ Infuses: At the exact point of exfoliation and extraction, serums with clinical benefits are simultaneously driven deeper into epidermal layers at the skin’s peak moment of receptivity for enhanced health and visible results!

Volumizes Skin by 70% ~ Gives a Lasting Youthful Boost ~ Stimulates Healthy Cell Renewal ~ Improves Radiance

Normally $275 but 50% OFF Introductory Offer = $137 Note: this includes the neck, eyes and lips as well as the full face!

We are proud to be the only one in Hernando County to offer Dermal Infusion! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE! 352 610 9900
Call today to schedule!

Introducing: Alexander Hage!


HERE HE IS... 👶 🍼 💙

We are so excited and happy to announce the birth of Alexander Hage!!! He’s soooo cute and what a good size baby, especially considering how tiny Jessica is! Mother and baby are both doing great!

And Jessica... what an incredible little lady! She worked right up until the day she went into labor! She’s planning on returning to work in about six weeks!

We are sending love and hugs to her!

Holiday Dysport Special!

The BEST DYSPORT Special just in time for the HOLIDAYS...

BUY 30 Units at our everyday low price of only $8 a unit GET 10 Units for FREE!!! It’s time to Refresh your NATURAL look!

That means you are getting 40 units of Dysport EQUAL to 40 units of Botox for ONLY $240!

Dysport is FDA approved to start working faster than Botox, which is always a good thing! Janie got her Dysport Treatment yesterday!

We are Elite Presidential Status with Galderma, the distributors of Dysport! That means we are in the top 2% of all their accounts in the nation! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE! 352 610 9900

Expires 11/30/18

Natural Eye PRF: Cure your tired eyes!


Don’t let tired eyes get you down...

100% NATURAL PRF Eye Treatment fixes that!

🎯 Treatment: Tear Trough Correction
👩🏻‍⚕️ Purpose: To restore lost volume and improve the integrity/quality of the skin’s tissue 
🔎 Product: Plasma Rich Fibrin + HA Filler
🤓 Technique: Cannula + Needle
⚠️ Must be performed by an Experienced Injector
📌 Note: Avoid all blood thinning medications 2 weeks prior 
👌🏻 Comfort: Topical anesthetic used
⏰ Length of appointment: 20-45 minutes
💰 Cost: On Sale ONLY $375
📍 Location: Skintastic Med Spa
📞 Call: 352 610 990

We use PRF, a natural serum derived from your own blood to correct this delicate and problematic under eye area! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE! Consultations are FREE!

I finally did my brows!

BROWS... I finally did it! ❤️

I naturally have very full brows, so I never considered permanent makeup even when my best friend, Cindy McDonald owns The Leopard Lily Permanent Makeup Studio!

Of course we love to talk about our industry and share great information with one another but it wasn’t until our most recent little weekend getaway trip that I really started asking Cindy about my brows!

Because even though I have let’s just say... tons of brow hair, I was still powdering them in every morning because I felt like they needed something more!

Cindy suggested we “chisel them down” a bit to sculpt out that perfect shape which gave me more of an arch and opened up my eyes! She also suggested a soft ombré powdered in look!

I’ve seen hundreds of before and after photos of my friends beautiful work over the last ten years, so I immediately said, “Let’s do it!”

All I can say now is... I wish I would have done this ten years ago! They look polished up and perfect! I so love them! Thank you Cindy!

Stop by our event this Saturday October 20th between 4 and 8 to meet us and find out just how easy it is to refresh your natural look!

Skintastic & Leopard Lily! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE!

Goodbye Tiana! Hello Ungen!

Goodbye Tiana and Welcome Unjen! 😘

It was such a sad day yesterday as it was Tiana’s last day at Skintastic! She has been with us for almost a year and everyone just adores her!

Her husband is a pastor at a church in Tampa but was just recently offered an amazing opportunity at a church in South Carolina! It is of course bittersweet but we are all so happy for her and her family and wish her all the best!

Now, we would like to introduce Unjen, our new bright light at the front desk! Tiana has been training and working with her for the last three weeks! She brings her own special joy and happiness to our team! We are very excited to have her!

We sent Tiana off yesterday with many hugs, a few tears, much love and Dunkin Donut munchkins! We tease her all the time because she really loves sweet stuff! 😍

Worried about injection pain? Don't!

AFRAID of getting injections and of needles... 😰

We get it!!! This little tool can make all the difference in the world!

Dr. Brooks uses this Vibrata tool in one of her other med spas and her patients love it. It virtually eliminates injection pain with gentle HF vibration!

SO STOP WORRYING! Come on in and try that cosmetic injection you’ve been curious about to refresh your natural look! Our consultations are free!

Patient comfort is so important to us! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE! Call today:


A farewell from Tiana!


UPDATE... ☺️

Unfortunately, Janie missed Tiana’s last day at Skintastic this past Wednesday! She was out of town with Dr. Brooks training with new equipment!!!

This is the message she received from Tiana at the end of the day. She shared it with us and told us it made her cry tears of joy! She was really touched by the kind words and said sometimes it’s hard being a business owner because there are tough decisions that must be made but knowing your employees love to come to work for you is an amazing feeling!

Tiana and her family are settling in nicely! This past Sunday after service they went to lunch with several other families from their new church!

And Unjen... it’s like she’s been here for a year. It’s been only one week since she’s been on her own and everything in the office has flowed seamlessly and perfect! 😍

Come experience the Skintastic DIFFERENCE for yourself! 
352 610 9900

Sculptra Aesthetic: The Best Kept Secret! BOGO October only!

Sculptra Aesthetic... the BEST kept secret! 🤫

Want to refresh your natural look gradually over time? Then Sculptra is right for you! It is an FDA approved injectable that helps replace lost collagen, an underlying cause of facial aging, for results that can last more than two years! It is used to correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds!

Sculptra is semi-permanent! We are elite Presidential status with Galderma, the makers of Sculptra! This means we do more Sculptra than 98% of all their other accounts! That’s HUGE!

So when considering a Sculptra Treatment, we are your Sculptra experts and leaders! BOGO Free this month! That’s an $800 savings! Our consultations are free!

Make a natural choice! That’s the Skintastic DIFFERENCE!