BRUISES.......  Eeeekkkkk no one likes them, especially after an injection.

So even though bruises are no fun, the truth is that they can happen! Anytime you get an injection with Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane, Sculptra or any of the other dermal fillers on the market there is a possibility that a bruise may form at the site of the injection. It doesn't matter how experienced an injector is. Bruises still happen! Here at Skintastic we are proud to offer our patients a complimentary solution to the hassle of bruising. After injections if it looks like there's a good chance a bruise may form or if a patient is especially concerned with bruising or has an upcoming event scheduled, we just simply turn on our Sciton BBL and navigate to a preset protocol that treats "Facial Bruises".  With the use of a very small spot size on the laser hand piece, it's super quick and simple. We've been using this specific laser for about a year and our patients' feedback has been excellent. Say goodbye to annoying bruises forever! That's the Skintastic Difference! Watch this short video for more information. Be sure to mention this blog next time you are in for any injections and ask for it specifically!