I have a condition, PCOS. This has caused me to grow facial hair. It's something I've lived with for the past 25 years and I've been so self conscious because of it. After only one visit to have laser hair removal at Skintastic, I was born again in a way! The facial hair was nearly all gone. I can't tell you how amazed and grateful I am with the results. It only took about 15 minutes for the visit. In and out. I urge any woman who suffers with embarrassing hair growth anywhere on your body (men too), schedule an appointment with Skintastic. The office is beautifully decorated, very clean, and lovely staff. You are instantly welcomed as you walk in. Today, I actually had my second session. Truthfully, I had very little hair growth since my first visit, which was 4 weeks ago. I'm am beyond pleased with the results. Also, the pricing is very much affordable. You will be amazed at all the different services they offer.